Bob S, Des Moines, IA

I increased my rents through FSS with quality family farm tenants.  FSS is part of my management plan.


Anonymous, Perry, IA

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a great service you are offering landowners and tenants.  Agriculture has changed greatly in just the last 5 years, this is a  "breath of fresh air" as to renting farm ground.  Thank-You for being on the cutting edge and for coming up with a new way for us all to stay in touch with each other.


Deb Ryun, Executive Director, Conservation Districts of Iowa

We are extremely pleased Farmland Stewardship Solutions is taking seriously the need for landowners to work with their tenants to implement conservation practices, properly manage the land and keep better track of land investments. The growth of rented farmland has created new challenges in natural resource protection, challenges a land owner may not be prepared for. Protecting your land only makes sense; all landowners should have conservation written into their leases to protect and enhance their investment. FSS is clearly interested in taking good care of their clients.


The Center for Absentee Landowners, Carroll, IA

Inherently, landowners and operators have different land management objectives. To stay in business, a good farm operator must consider short-term profitability. In contrast, most landowners are more interested in sustaining their investment over time.  Two-way communication between the landowner and operator is of paramount importance.  Farmland Stewardship Solutions offers a unique service that can facilitate this communication and provide landowners confidence they’re working with a farm operator willing and able to meet their farm management objectives. This matching service can hold great value to landowners- whether their interest is maximizing rental income, protecting natural resources, or preserving a small family farm.


GM - Ames, Iowa

We are so very thankful to have you working for us! We appreciate, more than you will ever know the great job you are doing in representing us and our inheritance!



As owners of farmland, my wife and I have been thrilled with the service FSS has provided.  The entire process, from finding a tenant, to ease of use of the service, has exceeded our expectations. In my opinion, unless you want to leave money on the table and deal with a lot of extra paperwork, using the service that Farmland Stewardship Solutions provides is a no brainer.


Conference Attendee

We attended the "This Land is Your Land" seminar and were impressed with the amount of information we gathered.  After over 50 years of attending seminars, earning a Ph.D. and teaching at state universities, I can honestly say that never have I learned so much valuable information delivered in an efficient manner as I did at your seminar


Jim S.

Thanks for all the help!  Great service and results.  I'm very pleased.


Inez S.

After seeing an ad in the paper, I thought I had nothing to lose by attending the conference held on farm leases.  During the conference, I could tell that I needed to make changes.  The information that I got at Farmland Stewardship Solution's Conference helped me to see how we could make improvements, and I hired FSS.  The change in the direction of our management, lease, & operation has been very positive!


Conference Attendee

Your seminars are THE BEST I have ever attended!


Great Meeting! Very Informative.


Excellent Presentation.  We will defintely employee your services.