Beginning Farmers

Beginning Farmer Emphasis

Farmland Stewardship Solutions places a strong emphasis on beginning farmers the next generation of farming.  Farmland Stewardship Solutions has a number of beginning farmer leases in place currently and are continuing to increase this number each year.   The past few years have been some of the most difficult times for young farmers to get a start in agriculture with record land prices and cash rents.  One of the biggest obstacles facing beginning farmers is having the opportunity to make an offer on a farm that is looking for a new tenant.  We have the tools to offer your land for lease. Owners can seek beginning farmer applicants through our on-line resource based upon their needs and the proper maintenance of the farm. Over the years we have had many satisfied owners and tenants use the system. We have approximately 1,700 registered tenants in our database plus access to more, so you can be sure your farm reaches all available tenants in the area. We have had several beginning farmer lease proposals as well as many flex lease and cash rent offerings. Farmland Stewardship Solutions verifies the potential operator qualifies as a beginning farmer and from there we work with both parties to determine lease terms that works for everyone.  Landowners who rent out their property to a beginning farmer receive a tax credit through the state which can vary based on the type of lease in place. Leases with beginning farmers can include split payment options, longer lease terms, discounted rates and much more.  Farmland Stewardship Solutions has a large network of operators who qualify as beginning farmers which owners are able to utilize.