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Farmland Stewardship Solutions Staff

Farmland Stewardship Solutions was formerly known as US Farm Lease.  Created in 2008 as the only company to offer an open cash rent proposal system. Since the inception in 2008 the company has evolved in a lease monitoring and stewardship focused agricultural company, because of this the name was changed to Farmland Stewardship Solutions in 2016.


Greg Townsend - Greg has spent all 37 years of his career in agriculture and has a wide assortment of experiences.  He graduated from UW-Madison with a B.S. and a M.S. from Iowa State.  His training and education has been in agronomy which he put to practice while at DuPont-Pioneer for 18 years in various technical and sales roles.  He also spent 14 years in the ag equipment industry with John Deere where he was involved with precision agriculture business. 

No matter what his capacity, his love for the great land resources we have in the Midwest and the need to improve those resources has been his passion.  With today’s wide assortment of technology tools available that provide site-specific data,  “I could only have dreamed about in the early days of my career.  We can now utilize these tools to make better, more fact-based decisions on specific properties that will add more value and health back to the land”.  That’s what he intends to do through Farmland Stewardship Solutions services. It's his belief that farm leasing should be a system that is set up properly and then allowed to work using good on-farm data.  IT’s ALL ABOUT THE DATA.

Andy Mullan-  A 2011 graduate from the University of Northern Iowa, Andy has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and began working for Farmland Stewardship Solutions in May of 2011.  He works closely with our clients to meet all of their needs concerning leases, record keeping and other rental issues.  Andy is currently working to complete his education training to become a Certified General Appraiser. 

Mark Gannon, Farmland Stewardship Solutions Founder - After observing the many conflicts between landowners and operators Mark decided to develop a system that provides a foundation for positive relationships and fair leases. Rental farm operations have changed dramatically from the crop shares of the early and mid 1900s to the cash rents and flexible leases of this century.  Landowners need a way to reach out to operators, and operators need a way to find farms for rent. Mark designed Farmland Stewardship Solutions to help both parties operate in this new era.

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