US Farm Lease has Changed to Farmland Stewardship Solutions

Welcome to Farmland Stewardship Solutions

Farmland Stewardship Solutions is a unique agricultural consulting company that specializes in providing land services to absentee and non-operating landowners and farm management companies.  Our clients are people that recognize the value of good stewardship, fair leases, good tenants and utilizing technology to make sure their farm is the best it can be.  We have the tools to assist landowners and their representatives with leasing while providing farm data analysis to ensure the landowner is making the right decisions concerning their farm.

How do we do this?

Lease and Farm Monitoring – Many landowners want to continue their leasing arrangement with their current tenant but need assistance understanding the economic, agronomic and environmental aspects of farm leasing. There are also landowners who are in need of finding a new tenant that also need assistance in these areas.  We offer a service to guide them through this process and assist them in making decisions that affect the overall health of their farm.  We offer several lease options for properties but can monitor any lease that the owner and tenant choose. We insist on good data to make leasing decisions because farm leasing should be a system that is set up properly then allowed to work for you and your farm.   Some of the areas we assist in are:         
Fertility Monitoring – Soil tests and annual fertility oversight.
Yield Data Management – Your land is only worth what it can produce.
Farm Program Awareness – We know the programs and make sure you do also.
Tenant Reporting – We require farm reports from the tenant.
Record Keeping – All data is stored in your on-line file at US Farm Records.
Consultation – We are here to assist when needed.
Conservation Oversight – Through aerial photos and annual UAV flight we can point out potential conservation problems.
Annual Report – We provide an annual in-depth comprehensive review of your farm.
Leasing Assistance – We have the tools to offer your land for lease. Owners can seek tenant applicants through our on-line resource based upon their needs and the proper maintenance of the farm. Over the years we have had many satisfied owners and tenants use the system. We have approximately 1,700 registered tenants in our database plus access to more, so you can be sure your farm reaches all available tenants in the area. We have had several beginning farmer lease proposals as well as many flex lease and cash rent offerings.
We are not farm managers but assist one farm management company and two bank trust departments with their background needs much like we can for you. Our clients are normally not ready for farm management and are comfortable with duties beyond what we provide. They also recognize the need for professional assistance to help them perform their management better. Our service is unique in the farm management industry.
Our full range of services cannot be fully described in the above words.  We would love to meet with you to show you what we can do for you. For continued information please sign up for our newsletter


What Customers Are Saying

I increased my rents through US Farm Lease with quality family farm tenants.  US Farm Lease is part of my management plan.

- Bob S, Des Moines, IA

Code of Farm Management

1.  I will respect the land
2.  I will attain the best possible operator
3.  I will have a comprehensive lease
4.  I will keep the soil in place
5.  I will maximize production
6.  I will maintain fertility levels
7.  I will keep accurate records
8.  I will be a good neighbor
9.  I will respect the legacy of the land
10. I will leave the land better than I found it